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Walking home alone and feeling uncomfortable? Getting a weird vibe from a stranger on the bus? Many of us have been there.

In a January 2018 survey of 1,000 women across the country, 81 percent experienced some form of sexual harassment, assault or both during their lifetime.

Oral harassment was the most common form, but 1 percent of women said they had been inadvertently touched or grouped, while 27 percent of women survived sexual assault.

Even if you have never found yourself in a situation that makes you physically insecure, making sure about your next steps (and the unfortunate circumstances that can help you should never make a difference) can make all the difference.

A study by Reg Reagan University found that women who participated in self-defense classes:

Instead there were better security strategies

Were more equipped to deal with strangers and people they knew in the event of a potential attack or abuse

There were more positive feelings about his body

Confidence was boosted

Below are the self-defense moves for our top eight women - full of suggestions - that make you feel empowered to defend yourself in any situation.

Focus on the weak areas

Focus on your attacker's sensitive areas: Aim for one or more of the following moves to maximize impact on the eyes, nose, throat, and groin.
Stay away from chest and knees

Do not aim for the chest, as it is ineffective. Aiming for the knee requires a certain kick which can be very dangerous for the average person.

Use all your strength and aggression during execution. Make it known that you are a powerful woman. Use your voice too. Be loud to scare the attacker and make attention if someone is nearby.
1. Hammer strike

Using your own key is an easy way to protect yourself. Do not use your nails, as you run the risk of injuring your hands.
Instead, if you feel unsafe walking at night, your key should stick to one side of your fist for a hammer blow.
Another way to use your keys is to click around a house to swing your attacker.

To do:

Hold your key ring tightly, like holding a hammer, holding the keys to the side of your hand.

Push down towards your target.
2. Groin kick

If someone is coming in front of you, a groin kick can give your attacker enough strength to paralyze, making your defense possible.
To do:

Stabilize yourself as much as you can.

Lift your dominant foot off the ground and run your knees upwards.

Extend your dominant leg, run the hips forward, chase slightly and kick forcefully, so that contact occurs between the bottom of your leg or between the ball and the attacker's groin area.

Optional: If your attacker is too close, bend your knees at the waist. Make sure you are stable and do not risk falling over.
3. Heel palm strikes

This move can damage the nose or throat. To run, go against your attacker as much as possible.
To do:

With your dominant hand, flex your wrists.
Aim for the attacker's nose, rot from the nostrils upwards, or down the attacker's chin, down the throat.
Be sure to call your strike. Quickly pulling your hand back will help pull the attacker's head up and back.
This will make your attacker retreat, allowing you to escape their grip.
Optional: The open palm of the ear can be very blurred.

4. Elbow strike

If your attacker is nearby and you are unable to gain enough momentum to throw a strong punch or kick, use your elbow.

To do:

If you can do this, stabilize yourself with a strong core and legs to ensure a powerful blow.

Bend your arms at the elbows, move your weight forward, and strike your elbows into your attacker's neck, jawline, chin, or temple. These are all effective goals.

This can loosen your attacker's grip by allowing you to operate.
5. Optional elbow strike

Depending on how you stand when initially attacked, you may be in a better position to diversify at the elbow strike.

To perform from the front:
Raise your elbows to shoulder height.
Allow the pivot to rotate on the same side leg and your hips, creating more motion in the front of your elbow when you strike.
To the side and back:
Make sure you see the target.

Bring your elbows up and bend your opponent's legs, rotate your hips and rotate the target, making contact with the back of your elbows.


Escape from the 'bear hug attack'

For cases where the attacker is coming from behind, you may want to use this move. Focus on getting low and making space to free yourself.

getting low and making space to free yourself.

દિક્ષા પોર્ટલ માં કોર્સ માં જોઈન થવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કેવી રીતે કરવું તેના વિડીયો અહીંથી જુઓ

સ્વ રક્ષણ ની તાલીમ ના પરિપત્ર માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો
Bend forward from the waist. This pushes your weight forward, making it more difficult for your attacker to pick you up. It also gives you an excellent angle to throw the elbow from the side to the attacker's face.



  While offering milk, water, cardamom to Shivaji in Shravan Mass, think about how Shivaji is happy all the time?  What is the source of their blissful life?  These are very naive and the one who is naive deserves to be the master of the world.

Shivaji has kept himself so strong, high-minded, patient, serious, tolerant, patient, free from humiliation from within that the conditions of the world cannot disturb him.  Shivaji keeps only the name Rama in his heart, leaving everything outside.

Those who speak badly to you are weak, but getting distracted by small things shows your weakness.  Shivaji is introverted, situated within himself.  Be strong, so that you can face every situation with a smile.

           Friends, we have been selected as teachers with very high merit, but the sad thing is that for the last five-seven years, we have been coming to harass teachers under some pretext.  Benefits that have been suspended for years are not given.  For a matter to be completed in a period of three months, three to four years are removed by the administration.  In the cases of nine, twenty-three, the teachers do not get the benefit even for five years.
    Then in the name of teacher readiness test, teachers are being distrusted again.
        I want to tell the education department that we are for children, we know well what we want and what we don't want in class, but if you don't trust your own teachers.  Hey teacher is also a social intellectual animal.  He lives in the society he lives in the family.  He will be able to work well in class if his mind is cheerful.  Otherwise, if you issue various circulars and harass the teachers in this way, then the education of this Gujarat will never be good.  You want to prove what new circulars do every day.  As many cases of corruption are faced by the administration: My innocent teacher is humiliated. I want to tell the teachers to suffer from above. I want to tell the education department whether you want to educate the children well or not.  Do you want to keep the teacher healthy or not?  Do you want to work in class or not?

       Even in the opposite situation like this Corona the teacher is in touch with the children by going from house to house through street teaching.  So I have to say that you are only mentally harassing the teachers.

        Over the last several years the teacher has come up in the role of a clerk.  There should be no training but then to prepare a big big file for report what this file you see is heaps.  There will be less teaching work in the classroom and more work to prepare the forms, to provide daily information.
          We do not oppose unit testing but waste time scanning. The same work is done by entering the mark directly from the computer.  So what is all this.
         As one of my teachers, I humbly request the Department of Education and all the dignitaries of the Department of Education to give you teachers a program to stay mentally healthy.
         What does child psychology say?  What does psychology say?  Why no thought is given.  Teachers were intimidated in the name of school inspectors, teachers were intimidated in the name of control and command. Is there a bad teacher in Gujarat?  Is the teacher not working?  Saheb carries out all the festivals of the government, carries out health programs, carries out the programs of the Krushi department, what is not done?  If we want to do all this, then education will be better.
     Saheb is a primary school teacher, but Clark plays the role of a pawnbroker as well as a guardian.  We believe that there should be new dimensions in education. Teachers should be equipped, but do not make schools and laboratories by experimenting and experimenting.  Create an adventure that can provide a stable education to children without threatening.


PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-૫  P.D.F  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-૫  એક્સેલ  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

         The teacher works with a living waking machine of nature.  He needs to have a strong morale and a high level of mental state.  One-sided books are not available. One-sided unit testing. Sir, let all this. Let the teacher evaluate the children himself. That is their right and right.
         On behalf of millions of helpless teachers in Gujarat .....



    "Speak sir, do you want anything? Yes sir, bring it now. Gee sir, everything will be found. It is also unlimited. Lo sir, it is very nice. Taste it and see. Then say it."  - was being asked by the hotel staff keeping in mind the needs of the customers.  Even the hotel owner himself was constantly taking care of the customers and staff.  Where there was a need, he humbly asked for help.  No ownership is seen anywhere.  A pleasant memorable experience of a hotel touched the heart.

     The entire staff here was cheering the customers on the price.  The staff felt trained.  Present the dish immediately.  Respond politely to whatever you ask.  Adequate care was taken to ensure that the customers did not feel any discomfort anywhere.  It feels like Mosal is eating a delicious meal.

     The business acumen of running a hotel was equally evident.  The hotel management was neat and tidy.  The emotional attitude of the hotel owner touched my heart.  The entire hotel staff was seen working hard.  Everyone was respected here.  The work was done with a family spirit.  And that's why the work here was so bright.  It is said that "first the heart wins, then the desert wins."  It seemed to make sense here.

      There, the cashier of the hotel smiled and bowed and said, "How did you feel, sir? If you have any suggestions, please tell me. And if you come again, it will be a pleasure. Thank you sir!"

"Yesterday I came to see Krishnapuri Maharaj and took a trap (a vine). This time the side is very cramped."  - Dad said pointing to the bag full of tummy.  Once the monsoon rains come, the demand for traps starts in the house as well.  Repeatedly reminded, "Let's take the snare."

The tummy is a favorite in our home.  When the monsoon comes, everyone tastes the snare.  Its fists are very nice.  The taste is such that we keep eating.  Maybe you too have tasted this snare.  During the monsoons, we often enjoy the taste of this fist.  Even today, our family members come from outside the village to take this snare.  The taste of this snare draws him to the farthest village.

This tummy is found on the fence.  Sometimes someone climbs up, leaning against the acacia.  So found somewhere among the swarms of vegetation.  To find and identify it requires discerning eyes.  Otherwise its a van to be deceived.  This vine with dark green round edged leaves surrounds the fence.  Very tummy tucked when I was younger.  Introduce it to the fingertips and eyes.

Even today, the eyes recognize the snare wrapped around the fence coming and going.  Let's stand for a while and break its leaves.  Seeing the trap, everyone in the house is happy.

"Don't worry. It'll be gone. I'll give you medicine. It'll be all right."  - Dr.  Mr. Dhruv always talks to the patients in this way. While talking, a light innocent smile is seen on his face.  Talk so lightly that the patient's pain is reduced by half.

Dr.  Dhruv means our family doctor.  Will be about thirty-five years of age.  Even at such an age, there is a tremendous enthusiasm in them.  He had the ability to diagnose and cure diseases.  Give her medicine from there till it happens.  Rarely shot from the outside.  The fee is also unbelievably low.  They also say, "We will serve the people until they are done."

At that age, he had no need for practice.  By the grace of God, their children do a good job.  Everything in the house is very nicely arranged.  But he continued to practice with the intention of public service.

Ask about everything about our illness rather than talk lightly.  Talk and write everything on paper.  Also advises on eating and drinking diet.  And every now and then he would say, "Don't worry. It'll be gone. I'll give you medicine. It'll be all right. It'll be fine in three or four days. If it doesn't get better, show it again."



PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-૪  P.D.F  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-૪  એક્સેલ  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

અંગ્રેજી  ધો-૪ સત્ર:-1 પત્રક A.EXCEL

However, his treatment was very effective.  After taking the medicine, it was hoped that the pain would go away.  Confidence is also cultivated.  His practice is currently closed due to advancing age and coronal period.  Even today I have to go to a hospital to see if Dr.  Mr. Dhruv is always remembered.



      "Sir, I say don't cut down this tree. Leave it alone. It won't budge. Should such a tree be cut down? How long does it take to grow this tree?  Take down what is obstructed. And in the summer the trees will hear. Shade. Re'va do. "  - Explaining to everyone, the engineer of GEB spoke.

      In one place the power pole was to move.  But there was a tree where to move.  The branches of the tree were very elongated.  The tree was deciduous.  That is why its branches were moving.  Everyone present there began to express their views.  Someone says, "The growing branches of the tree should be cut down."  So someone says, "Cut down all the branches of the tree. So no worries for months now. Bow down."  Then someone says, 'If you cut today, the branches will grow again in a few days.  And will have to cut again.  So cut this tree down from the roots. "

     Thus everyone began to express their understanding.  The majority was in favor of tree planting.  But there the engineer explained to everyone, "There is no need to plant a tree. This tree will not be a hindrance at all. Don't worry."  He persuaded everyone for the life of the tree.  His words also reached everyone's throat.  Eventually the tree survived.  In other words, the tree survived with the love of the engineer and his cunning.  And yes, this tree will give life to everyone.  Even today, the tree stands tall.  And its branches can be seen peeking back.

"Hey, the freeze is OK. Nothing. Nothing happened. Run Bindas. Just close it for a few hours. And keep the upper door open.  "Run, run ... nothing happened to the freeze. Still call me if there's anything. But there's nothing to do right now."  - Bilalbhai spoke as soon as he opened the freeze door.

Bilalbhai means an honest craftsman.  Work is considered worship.  Customer satisfaction and enjoyment are his earnings.  Introduced five years ago.  I still remember his way of working and his customer oriented attitude.  Always try to get the repair done at the lowest possible cost.  Don't make any wrong expenses until it happens.  And even after working, he has the same confidence in his work.  It also gives us confidence.

Then I talked to him a lot.  "Never cheat a customer. What does cheating get? Although there are a lot of wrong earnings in our line. But it doesn't bother me. It's sixty-four today. But I can run so fast. That's our earnings at the mercy of the owner."  - Saying this, an innocent smile was playing on his face.

Asked several artisans spoiling the freeze;  Shown.  Let's talk about changing some parts.  So someone estimated that it would cost so much.  But Bilalbhai just looked and said that there is no need to spend.



PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-3  P.D.F  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

 PATRAK :-A ધોરણ:-3  એક્સેલ  ફાઈલ (પ્રથમ સત્ર) અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વર્ષ:-2021-22

Everyone does the work.  But there are very few honest paragju artisans like Bilalbhai.  Who share satisfaction with themselves and others through work.

Usefully to all std 3 to 8 Unit test papers PUNH KASOTI


Usefully to all std 3 to 8 Unit test papers PUNH KASOTI

You must opt for a life insurance policy. If your finances allow, you must also get health insurance as well as home insurance. This way you would be able to save yourself from any sudden financial crisis. However, you need the best of persons when it comes to an insurance advisor. In this article, we will take you through five steps to hire the best LIC advisor in Delhi.

1. Always prefer a certified advisor

Your insurance advisor must have proper certification from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). This proves that he/she is not there to trick you or fraud you. Moreover, the guidelines laid down by this agency make sure that you are protected on all fronts. If a person is not certified by IRDA, legally he is not entitled to advise people on insurance. He may end up in jail. Therefore, before selecting an agent, make sure that he/she has all the necessary certifications.

2. He must be through with investment solutions

You must understand that insurance agents are much more than just a salesman. They must have a proper understanding of financial planning. They should be equipped with all the necessary information about the financial world, both domestic as well as globally. More importantly, your LIC advisor should have a proper understanding of your family and financial standing. This way he would be able to suggest you the best insurance for you. It is advised that you should first develop a good friendship with the advisor and only then allow him to enter your financial realm.

3. He must have a complete understanding of the product he wants to sell

The insurance advisor must have a thorough knowledge of all the insurance policies that his/her company sells. You should sit down and have a long conversation with him about the pros and cons of various policies. You must understand that every insurance company sells a hell lot of policies. Not all policies are meant for you. Your insurance advisor must suggest you the best policy for yourself after understanding your family and finances.

4. Does the follow-up?

He/she is a cheap insurance advisor if he/she forgets you after you have bought the insurance policy. This is not what a responsible advisor does. Even after you have bought the policy, you may have a hell lot of questions to be answered. He/she must update you about the product premium and all the necessary details to make the best of your insurance.

5. He must help you while fulfilling your claim

When a claim arises, an advisor plays a very important role. He is the sole contact person between the insurance provider and the policyholder. He must understand all the formalities that need to be fulfilled for a successful claim. If your claim is denied there was no point in opting for that insurance policy. A good insurance advisor will stand by you when you need him/her the most.

Everyone thinks that an insurance advisor is just another salesman. However, this is far from being the truth. He/she is a person who will be standing with you at the time of utmost importance. This is the reason you should research extensively before selecting best LIC advisor in Delhi. This short guide would be helpful in the same.

🔥 એકમ કસોટીનું નિદાન કર્યા બાદ તરત ઉપચારાત્મક કાર્ય કરીને બાળકોને લેવાની પુન: કસોટી માટેના પેપર

🎯 ધોરણ 3, ગુજરાતી :- click here

🎯 ધોરણ 4, ગુજરાતી :- click here

🔹 ધોરણ 6, ગણિત :- click here

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