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Download books released by Gujarat Information Department. Which will be useful to you in competitive exams.

 Download books released by Gujarat Information Department.  Which will be useful to you in competitive exams.

Gujarati Bhatigal is a state with a special heritage of culture.  On the land of Gujarat, many castes have been living with their distinctive culture since time immemorial.  The tribal culture, which is scattered in the range from Danta to Dang in the Aravalli mountain range, has its own distinctive way of life and culture. 

તમારે જે પુસ્તક ડાઉનલોડ કરવું હોય તેના ફોટા પર ક્લિક કરતા તે ડાઉનલોડ કરી શકાશે 
In the midst of so many global changes, cultural invasions, the tribal peoples
have kept their distinctive culture intact.  Has saved it.  It is a wonderful recognition of his dignity.  Under the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana,
the state government has always strived for the holistic development of the tribals.  Is.  A booklet titled "Tribal Cultural Heritage" has been prepared covering the details of lifestyle, religious festivals, social festivals, dialects, dress, ornaments, accommodation,
diet, arts etc. of the tribal people of Gujarat.  It is believed that the booklet, which is full of pictures and illustrations, will be useful to Gujarat's literary lovers, culture and art lovers, scholars and students.

 Proud land of Gujarat is an inexhaustible treasure of art, culture and culture.  Urmidhabkar of folk life which is seen in the folk dances of that morning.  Dance is a medium of expression in which value is

more important than language.  Dances have been prominent in religious, social occasions and festivals and fairs.  Each dance form has its own distinctive identity.  The words, rhythms, and music are so rich in variety.  There are various forms of classical and folk dances. 
Our Gujarat folk dances, Dandiya Raas and tribal dances are popular all over the world.  As a form of worship of Shakti or as an expression of heroism, all the values ​​like love-pain, laughter-cry are seen in our folk dances.  Congratulations

to Gujarat State Information Department for publishing the booklet 'Gujarat's Folk Dances' with special information on various folk dances including Gofgoonthan, Mer dances.  I am confident that this book will be useful to art lovers and festival lovers.

The land of Gujarat has been throbbing with art, culture for thousands of years.  Low life here has a personal heritage of folk culture and folk art.  People all over the world have their own Bhatigal costumes, food,
animal and home decorations, wood carvings, metal utensils, folk entertainment, weapons, fairs, house architecture, paintings and paintings.  From this, the beauty of folk art seems to have shouted.  Scholars from home and abroad come to Gujarat to do research on this subject, get overwhelmed and take pictures, films and study materials with them.  This publishing team of the Information Department of the State Government has prepared a book titled "Gujarat's Folk Art Splendor" with inaccessible pictures by well known author and literary man Shri Joravar Singhji Jadav.  This valuable book, which is full of pictures and illustrations, will be extremely useful to the literary lovers of Gujarat, Gujaratis living outside Gujarat, culture and art lovers.  Not only that, but I have faith that it will be an ornament to be preserved in every Gujarati's home.

 Bhatigal colors of Gujarat's folk culture… The land of Gujarat is left with natural beauty.  Adjacent to the land of Saurashtra, the 1400 km long coastline, mountain pass, forest and bush have created a sea culture, agricultural culture, Gop culture, folk culture and tribal culture for thousands of years.  Bhatigal is the folk culture of Gujarat which is unmatched in the world.  Many foreign tourists come here to study it.  They are overjoyed to see the land of Gujarat resounding with song, music and dance.  Folk festivals, fairs, Kamangari style murals, wood carvings of Gurjar carpenters, Hirbharat, Motibharat, Pothichitras, Chandranava prints, Katbakamni, Katangkam, Lokipanvan, Lipanangan  Abilgulal flying folk dances in Lokhaiya, Bhavai, Bawanputli no Khel, Wadi, Madari, Nathbawa, Mankada and Rinchadan Ramdanara, Turi-Barot and Bhandni along with Lokjivan:  We had the proud traditional heritage of Santvani and Gagaria Manabhatto.  This book has been prepared with the intention of introducing a glorious heritage at a time when this folk heritage is slowly disappearing.  It is equally important that the children of the new generation take an interest in this art.  This book contains folklore of Gujarat, their costumes, cars, folk festivals, pavo, fairs, folk music, folk dances, folk instruments, food, animal decorations, toys, folk entertainment folk tribes, handwritten books, carvings, carvings, carvings, carvings, carvings, paintings  , Lokbharat, Motiparvana, Katavakam, old dioceses, and various aspects of folk culture in addition to parganas are discussed in detail.  Pictures and illustrations have made the book purposeful and artistic so that these topics can be better understood.  The book "Folk Art Glory of Gujarat" is being republished with the intention of introducing the folk culture of Gujarat.  I humbly believe that this book will be the home ornament of folk culture lovers, scholars and Gujaratis.  I am confident that this book will be informative for anyone interested in Gujarat's folklore, folk culture, folklore and folk art and for Gujaratis living far away.  This valuable book has been prepared and published by the Information Department of the Government of Gujarat.  I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Director of Information, Joint Director of Information, Shri Pulakbhai Trivedi and the Deputy Director of Information.  The book features illustrators like Shri Ravishankar Rawal, Somalal Shah, Jyoti Bhatt, Vasudev Smart, Khodidas Parmar, Pradyumna Tanna, Nagjibhai Chauhan, Ashok Khant, Pratap Singh Jadeja, Dinu Patel, Savji Chhaya and Umarashi Parmar from Gujarat Lokpala  And Shri Pranlal Patel, Zaverilal Mehta, Vivek Desai, Bhati n.  Amul Parmar, Shah, Jogesh Thacker, a.  I sincerely thank all those who have found beautiful pictures of L Soni, Dilip Padhiar, Hemang Desai and Manilal Rajput.

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