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Teachers are invited to participate in the Teaching-Learning Materials Competition and Presentation 2021 (TLM 2021)

 Teachers are invited to participate in the Teaching-Learning Materials Competition and Presentation 2021 (TLM 2021)

Dear Madam / Sir,

Greetings from Consortium for Inclusive Education!

Wishing you all are well and ready to begin term two of the academic year 2021-22 in full swing.

Consortium for Inclusive Education invites teachers of schools to take part in the Teaching-Learning Material competition and presentation 2021 (TLM 2021).

Please go through the attachments:
1. Invitation
2. Concept note
3. Guidelines for participating in the TLM 2021
4. Google form link

Google form Link


You are requested to call Ms. Raisha Patel (Mob. No. 8128712864) for any questions. Also, feel free to mail your queries to us. CIE will promptly answer them.

Visit us:
Facebook: Consortium for Inclusive Education
Instagram: consortiumined

Warm regards,
Ms. Promila Zalpuri
Secretariat Incharge

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The Principal,
Subject: Invitation to the Teaching and Learning Material (TLM) ‘Lesson Plan and presentation
Consortium for Inclusive Education (CIE) is an initiative of Deepak Foundation supported by the Gujarat
CSR Authority. We are dedicated to building an inclusive society and that begins with inclusive education
of children at a young age. We sensitize and support schools to create an inclusive environment where
Children with Disabilities (CwDs) can be educated and flourish along with their peers. This model of
education not only benefits CwDs but also their peers.
After successfully hosting the ‘Teaching Learning Material exhibition cum competition’ in 2019 and
‘Lesson plan and Presentation Competition 2020’ we are back with ‘Lesson Plan and presentation
competition 2021’.
This is an opportunity for teachers to develop accessible TLM. The TLM will be submitted by the teacher
following which they will then make a presentation over a ZOOM meeting.
Our objective is to highlight the fact that all children learn differently and innovative methods of teaching
regular curriculum can benefit both, children with disabilities and children without disabilities.
An Orientation Meet is for aspiring teachers to take part in ‘Lesson Plan and Presentation competition
2021’ (TLM 2021):
Event: Orientation Meeting
Date: Friday 20th August 2021
Meeting platform: Zoom
Entry fee: Free (RSVP mandatory)
The concept note and Guidelines for the TLM 2021 competition are attached.

For specific queries feel free to contact Ms. Raisha Patel (Mobile Number: +918128712864).

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